Actor of The Month: Chris Pine


you guys perhaps would say the reason i picked him is because i've already obsessed with him before i even made this blog. i wont say that you're wrong, i'll simply say that you're partially right. there's a difference.

first thing first!


Christopher Whitelaw Pine was born on August, 26th 1980 in California, Los Angeles.
her father, Robert Pine, was also an actor, best known for his role as Sergeant Joseph Getraer in a serial called CHiPs. her mother, Gwynne Glifford was also an actress! Chris even once said that Hollywood had been very kind to his family, serving tasty foods to their table for over 50 years.
He attended UC Berkeley (which is one of top universities in the world) to study English Literature and later attended University of Leeds in the UK for one year.


  • he is of American, Russian, Welsh, English, German, and French. 
  • has a pair of AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL caribbean blue eyes.
  • height: 6'/183cm
  • Daddy's little boy
  • enjoys skeet shooting
  • he is the youngest actor to play the lead in a Start Trek film or series
  • says he would've become a political speech writer or a baseball player
  • says he would take his girlfriend and his iPod if he ever stranded in an island
  • likes smart, funny, and beautiful girls.
  • prettiest woman(s) according to him: Penelope Cruz, Beau Garrett, Salma Hayek, Jessica Biel.
  • plays guitar
  • his first on-screen appearance is when he was 5. acted along with his father on CHiPs


Italian food, sashimi, unagi, sake beer, playing basketball, playing baseball, singing (in the shower), reading, hiking.


The Godfather and Ferris Bueller's Day off


Gary Oldman, Danny DayLewis, Sean Penn, Paul Greengrass, Pete Anderson.

he has played some movies under several big franchise
such as

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (with Anna Hathaway)
Confession (main role)
Just My Luck (with Lindsay Lohan)
Blind Dating (main role)
Smokin' Aces (with Ben Affleck)
Bo Barrett (main role)
Star Trek (main role)
Carriers (with Emily van Camp)
Unstopabble (with Denzel Washington)
This Means War (with Reese Witherspoon)
People Like Us (with Michelle Pfeiffer)
Rise of The Guardians (animation)
Star Trek Into Darkness (main role)

his upcoming movies

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Into The Woods
Horrible Bosses 2
Z for Zachariah