The Funniest TV Show, The Mindy Project.

does everyone here love to see comedy tv shows like How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, or Raising Hope?
and i hope you guys do to.
cause i am about to rock your world by giving a tv show recommendation, especially for those who are lonely and sometimes say that they have nothing to do while they have gigantic amounts of homework (that sounds like me, actually).

i'm gonna introduce you to the funniest tv show on tv (of course, thats why its called 'tv show' you dummy) /talking to myself/

according to my opinion (oh no, shit just got serious..)

the funniest tv show goes to...


its basically about a successful Indian woman in her early 30s and works as a gynecologist and obstetrician.
do you what those words mean? if you dont, this is your lucky day, my friend, knowing as many vocabularies is a good thing.
gynecologist basically means a doctor who deals with women organs
obstetrician means a doctor who deals with pregnancy and delivering babies

lets continue

that women is Mindy Lahiri who works in a practice called Shulman & Associates along with another 3 doctors (Danny, Jeremy and Peter), she really likes watching romcom which explains why her favorite movie is You've Got Mail played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
Mindy is not very lucky in love, she is trying to find her true love and seems to always fail.
she is aware of her weight and appearance, but yet, what i like from her is that she isnt ashamed of it, she brings out the best of her to everyone and tries to cover up negative things about her by cheering people up. 

these are the main casts:

Mindy Kaling as Dr. Mindy Lahiri - Ob/Gyn
Chris Messina as Dr. Danny Castellano - Ob/Gyn
Edward Weeks as Dr. Jeremy Reed - Ob/Gyn
Adam Pally as Dr. Peter Prentice - Ob/Gyn
Ike Barinholtz as Nurse Morgan
Zoe Jarman as Betsey Putch 
Beth Grant as Beverly
Xosha Roquemore as Tamra

this show is frankly, VERY HILARIOUS. you wont find any cheesy jokes followed with laugh sounds which is annoyingly creepy and also crappy by the way. also, once you watch the show, youre gonna love all the characters and you'll be very obsessed with them (well, at least thats for me). this show is very modern, kinda edgy, but also classy. it tells you about real life problems such as dating, being obese and many other things. last but not least, every week, there will be different guest stars!

for your information, this show has reached its second season.
so if you guys do want to watch it (im hoping that you do), i suggest you watch it from the very beginning, so that you wouldnt get confused or anything.

if you dont have tv cabels like indovision or aora or whatsoever
please dont worry
you can check out
they have complete seasons of any tv shows!
here is a little sneak peek